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Estimate and Purchase of Furniture and Objects on French Riviera

Before you get rid of your old furniture, or old furniture, but also trinkets, carpets, antiques, decorative objects and other flea markets, you would like to know what is the value of these items ? or "How much can I expect ou of therm? »

As part of a legacy you will have to share the objects of the deceased as equitably as possible, an excellent reason to obtain a fairly fair value.

More simply, if you need to buy new furniture to change your interior decoration, even a "reasonable" contribution of money will always be welcome.

Reassure yourself in this undoubtedly "stressful" operation that can represent a clearance of your interior. 

As soon as we visit you, we give you a total estimate of all your furniture. Then if the amount suits you we give you money and get rid of the furniture present. 

Contact us: 07 63 88 90 03

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